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Styling by Miss Dona – Personalized for You

personal-stylingPut an end to bad shopping trips and hurried decisions by using the services of Miss Dona and her dedicated team to quickly change that. Miss Dona will work with you to devise a comprehensive shopping plan based on your budget, needs and style goals. All the shopping is done for your and purchases delivered and presented at your home. Miss Dona then works with you to develop a personal style that represents you in the very best way. Do not worry about returns or alterations; Miss Dona’s style team takes care of all of the little fixes for you!

Initial introduction and Shopping Plan – 30 minutes
Shopping Session – Up to 4 hours
Delivery and Fit Session – Up to 2 hours

Alteration for Men and Women Available
Wardrobe Detox & Style Rehabilitation Shopping
closetcleanseYour busy life is multi-faceted and so should be your wardrobe. Deep down inside we all know that there is so much stuff in your wardrobe that is just not being worn! Let a new set of stylish eyes rejuvenate and streamline your entire wardrobe. Tapping into two decades of experience, Miss Dona will show you how to be smarter and more efficient when it comes to shopping and how to create an organized, stylish wardrobe of pre-styled outfits ready to go.

The Wardrobe Detox is one of the greatest investments you can ever make in you and your style. Starting with what you have helps you shop smart while staying stylish! This service begins with a minimum 2 hour session at your home for consulting, evaluating and cleansing. Followed by the fun part – an at least a 2.5 hour shopping session to fill any area of your wardrobe that may be lacking including athletic wear, footwear and accessories.
Special Occasions
specialeventstylingSpecial occasions call for special treatment. Whether you are walking down the aisle, gliding down the red carpet, speaking in front of hundreds or blowing out birthday cake candles, having an inspired look provides you with that extra boost of confidence to radiate true beauty on your special day. Let Miss Dona and her dedicated team of professionals design an affordable package that covers all aspects of your memorable occasion.
Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists also Available
Heading Out of the City?
travel-shoppingPlanning the trip of your dreams or going on a quick business trip? Smart packing is your key to survival when traveling and will save you time, money, and space.
Whether your traveling is business or pleasure, leave the packing to Miss Dona and her crack team of industry specialists. Together they will plan and pack your entire wardrobe, taking you from day to night without a worry
in the world. Everything is well thought out, from that big client meeting and company strategy session, to business dinners, events, and those casual moments of relaxation. Wardrobe, accessories, and toiletries are planned according to destination and climate.
Personal Gift Shopping
giftofstyleWith StylebyDona’s gift buying service you can be assured that the recipient will be singing your praises! At a loss of what to buy those special people in your life? Overwhelmed with how little time you have to really figure it out and shop for it? With a few details about the recipient of your gift, Miss Dona will locate the perfect gift, wrap it up beautifully (if it requires wrapping up), and deliver it to your home or office. Let Miss Dona source the perfect gift for you and make a lasting impression!

LOOK BOOK – Customized Style Book
StylebyDona style books are crafted as a visual aid to help you completely utilize your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes. Reference your customized style book to remind you how to put together striking outfits and recall the perfect accessories to complete your seamless look.

Give the ‘Gift of Style’
Help someone feel confident and empowered through a Gift of Style. Whether he or she is going through a life change or just needs a little reinvigoration, gift certificates can be a unique and creative way to show you care. Look at the people that surround you and you will find recent college graduates, a new mom, career changers
and your best friend stuck in a style rut. Let them benefit from the immediate improvements professional
styling offers and feel excellent at the same time! Gift certificates can be purchased for a specific service or in
2-hour increments to allow the recipient to best determine their needs.

In Studio & On Location Stylist


Let Miss Dona and her creative team apply their expertise in coordinating and styling for in-studio and on
location Photoshoots, Fashion Show/Events, Live Performances, TV/film, Music Videos, Album Covers and much more.
With years of experience working with music and television stars, public personalities, and professional athletes and
in conjunction with world renowned photographers and designers, Miss Dona understands and meets the needs of your valuable clients. Let StyleByDona cater to exactly what they need and feel and know by day’s end that everyone is completely satisfied!

Photography Services


We offer professional photography services ranging from fashion shoots to personal portfolio photography.
Want to feel like a celebrity for a day? Let our creative team take care of location, styling and concept to create beautiful images and memories for you and your loved ones. We have worked with clients to produce album covers, promotional images as well as everything from head shots and editorials to maternity photo shoots.

We also offer packages that include image editing and touch-up if needed.

Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists also Available